2023 DeMarini ZOA -11 USSSA Junior Big Barrel Baseball Bat: WBD2353010



2023 DeMarini ZOA -11 USSSA Junior Big Barrel Baseball Bat: WBD2353010

Jump into action with the top-of-the-line technology within the DeMarini ZOA -11 Junior Big Barrel Bat!

Bat Benefits

DeMarini has built this ZOA as a two-piece and all-composite bat using the most advanced composite material that they have ever designed. The Continuous Fiber Composite material consists of a single sheet of composite rolled upon itself. This creates a barrel that performs highly all the way up and down the barrel length. You’ll be able to connect with a baseball near the end cap or close to the connector piece (i.e. away from the sweet spot) and still see impressive results.

DeMarini created the Anomaly Connection system that incorporates the Paraflex Plus Composite material which has been seen on past DeMarini bats. However, this Anomaly Connection system creates a connector piece that creates an extremely stiff feel at the moment of contact with a baseball. This allows for the most energy to be transferred into the baseball during a swing. And the distance of your hits should be extremely impressive.

Be sure to note that this bat is a Junior Big Barrel model and it is really only designed for use with baseballs being thrown at the 40-45 MPH range (or lower). If the bat continually gets exposed to pitching velocities over that range, we feel fairly confident that it will start to break down.


This DeMarini bat has been crafted with confidence. And due to that confidence, DeMarini extends a twelve (12) month manufacturer’s warranty period on it.



  • 2 3/4 Inch Barrel Diameter

  • Drop 11 Length-To-Weight Ratio

  • Balanced Swing Feel

  • Two-Piece, All-Composite Baseball Bat

  • Features USSSA (New 'NTS Tested') Certification

  • Junior Big Barrel Bat - Recommended For Use In Coach Pitch And Machine Pitch Leagues Where Pitch Velocities Are Between 40-45 MPH Or Lower (Typically For 5-7 Year Olds)

  • Continuous Fiber Composite Barrel - Created From One Sheet Of Composite Carbon Fiber That Is Rolled Up On Itself. This Creates A Really Long Barrel That Performs Consistently Along Nearly The Entire Length Of The Hitting Surface

  • Anomaly Connection System - Combines A Paraflex Plus Composite Handle (Designed To Create A Similar Look & Feel To What Is Seen On The Goods) Plus A Stiff Connector Piece That Limits Vibration Well.

  • Anomaly End Cap - Crafted From A Blend Of Lightweight Materials That Will Maintain Barrel Integrity And Improve Barrel Performance.

  • DeMarini Batter Suggestion - Designed For Younger Players Looking For A Light-Swinging Performance Bat.

  • Full Twelve (12) Month Manufacturer's Warranty

Bat Properties

2023 DeMarini ZOA -11 USSSA Junior Big Barrel Baseball Bat: WBD2353010
Approved For USSSA
Barrel Diameter 2 3/4
Baseball Bats Coach Pitch
Bat Construction Two-Piece
Bat Type Baseball
Color Black Gold
Length to Weight Ratio -11
Material Composite
Series Zoa
Swing Weight Balanced
Vendor DeMarini

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