True Temper Sports HZRDUS BBCOR (-3)


SKU: BB-22-HZR-B-3-32

  • Product Details:
    • Axenic Technology
      • Axenic seamlessly fuses the alloy barrel into the composite handle
      • No connection joint = improved durability
      • Reduces barrel lag = square up more pitches
      • Reduces unwanted vibrations = better feel on contact
      • A more pure transfer of energy = maximum pop
      • HZRDUS is the industry's first one-piece hybrid
    • Half-sizes
      • Swing like the pros: 65% of postseason MLB players swung a non-whole inch size bat
      • Half sizes allow players to dial in their fit further than traditional bat sizes
      • is specifically designed for power hitters -- optimized at lengths 32” through 34”
      • The SmartPly process creates the perfect marriage between weight, balance, and industry-leading impact strength
      • TRUE's proprietary formula of carbon fiber angles, and the order of those angles, are optimized in up to 25 layers of unidirectional carbon fiber
      • Unique flex profile based on each hitter’s style and swing power
      Inspired by over 100 years of knowledge and expertise in golf shaft flex technology, TrueFlex increases overall bat performance while improving feel on contact and reducing vibration. Each bat's unique flex profile is optimized at each certification, model, and drop and is backed by over 500,000 unique hitting data points from real ballplayers of all ages and abilities.
    • EFX End Cap
      TRUE's EFX end cap is built to uniquely tune sound and optimizes energy transfer during your swing.


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