Wilson A1000 1786 11.50" Infield Baseball Glove



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The new A1000 line of gloves has the Pro Stock patterns you see in ballparks everywhere, in a soft, yet sturdy leather that’s game-ready right away. The A1000 models feature hand-designed patterns continuously improved by the Wilson Baseball team, optimized for faster break-in so you can make an immediate impact.

True Pro Stock Feel

Our A1000 lineup captures the feel of our Pro Stock Gloves, built with game-ready materials.

Sturdy and Soft

Strength where you need it, softness where you don't. The A1000 is soft to take your shape, without sacrificing the structural necessities.

Full-Grain Leather

All-leather shell, rawhide laces, leather lining.


  • 11.50" 1786 Infield Pattern
  • H-Web
  • Pro Stock Feel
  • Full-Grain Leather
  • Red/White/Blue color scheme

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