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Under Armour Converge Victory Series Senior Catchers Gear Set UACKCC4-SRVS

Under Armour Converge Victory Series Senior Catchers Gear Set UACKCC4-SRVS (ages 12-16) is complete with the gear needed to have an effective game behind the plate. This unique Under Armour catchers gear set is the ideal purchase for player development. The Under Armour brand is consistent and reliable. Therefore, this Under Armour Converge Victory catchers kit comes complete with hockey style helmet (7 - 7 1/2), over the shoulder chest protector (15.5" inch) and lightweight leg guards (14.5"). The Under Armour Converge Victory Series Senior Catchers Set kit offers the comfort, performance and technology all serious athletes need. It also comes at an affordable price. Therefore, the Under Armour Converge Victory Series Senior Catchers Gear Set UACKCC4-SRVS is perfect for the up and coming, inexperienced ballplayer. It also is ideal for the seasoned ballplayer looking to up his level of play. The Under Armour catchers gear set is available in four colors. ( black, navy, red, royal). So, be sure to match your team colors with this catchers gear set.

Under Armour Converge Victory Catchers Gear includes:

Converge Victory Series Helmet

This kit comes with a hockey style catchers helmet. It has an easily adjustable back plate, along with equally manageable straps. Additionally, the helmet features an impact resistant ABS plastic shell. This shell deflects and absorbs hits from poor throws and plays at home plate. Next, it has an I-Bar Vision steel cage face mask, sure to provide durability and tough protection. This helmet provides maximum range of vision. This is important to allow the catcher to see the entire field. In addition, the inside of the helmet has moisture management material to wick away moisture. This helps keep the player cool. There is also a soft and breathable inner liner keeping every player comfortable and bacteria free at all times. Finally, an AEGIS Microbe Shield is included to prevent odor and bacteria. Senior Size: 7" - 7 1/2 .

Converge Victory Series Chest Protector - NOCSAE Approved

Under Armour chest protectors are expertly designed. This model comes complete with over the shoulder protection. There is an adjustable velcro attached shoulder cap. The plastic inserts in the throat, sternum and shoulders help absorb impact. The lightweight open backing keeps you dry, cool and composed at all times. A fully adjustable harness come with it for a secure comfortable fit. It also has an adjustable and removable tail that takes care of open areas in need of coverage. It is SEI Certifed and meets NOCSAE standards.Finally, the AEGIS Microbe Shield eliminates any odor and bacteria. It is for Ages 12-16, and comes in Senior Size: 14.5".

Converge Victory Series Leg Guards

These guards are as durable and protective as they come. Don t be fooled by their lightweight design. They have a double knee design. Thus, this allows for proper coverage and mobility. Also, an impact resistant ABS plastic shell is included. This will deaden the impact of incoming balls. The ventilation holes help keep your legs cool and dry. It also has removable shin and knee pads. They are adjustable and machine washable. In addition, the AEGIS Microbe Shield prevents odor and bacteria. The guards are mainly for Ages 12-16. They come in one size: Senior - 14.5".

Under Armour Converge Victory Series Catchers Gear

So, be sure to check out the other sizes of Under Armour Converge Victory series catchers gear on our website! We sell them in sets or you can buy the individual pieces to mix sizes and colors. Get your Under Armour catchers gear today. You ll turn heads on the field right away with your sharp look and improving play.

UACKCC4-SRVS includes:




  • UATG3 Throat Guard

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