TRUE T1X -5 USSSA Baseball Bat: UT-T1X-20-5
You answer the call when your team needs a clutch RBI and your bat can't let you down. This T1X USSSA bat from TRUE Diamond Science is ideal for hitters of all ability levels and it's optimized for gap-to-gap and line shot hitters who need exceptional control and feel on contact. Built with a two-piece construction, this T1X boasts some of TRUE's cutting-edge technologies for a bat that's perfect as both a development tool and an old standby for more experienced hitters. With a -8 drop weight, this bat offers plenty of slugging power for stronger athletes and room to grow for those still working on their game at the plate.

Bat Benefits
Built for speed and consistency, this TRUE T1X features an aluminum alloy barrel joined with a premium composite handle. The two sections are joined seamlessly with the brand's proprietary Fused Hybrid Technology to help minimize shock on contact and also improve responsiveness. The composite handle is crafted using TRUE's SmartPly construction method, which layers multiple levels of unidirectional composite into one ultra-strong tube. This high-performance handle is finished with a two-by-two twill woven grip for maximum traction on big cuts.

Measuring 2.75 inches, the barrel has a classic length with an extended taper section for an exceptional balance with the SmartPly handle. This combination was specifically designed to accelerate the bat efficiently into contact.

This T1X bat is backed by TRUE Diamond Science's one-year limited warranty covering any defects in materials or workmanship. Some damage arising from routine on-field use including cracks, broken knobs and end caps and severe structural dents may also be covered. A one-time repair or replacement may be issued at TRUE's discretion within 12 months of the purchase date.

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