TRUE 2020 T2X USSSA (-8)



TRUE T2X -8 USSSA Baseball Bat: UT-T2X-20-8
Engineered specifically for the 2019 season, this TRUE T2X, USSSA-approved baseball bat is capable of significantly raising your hitter's power numbers. The designers and engineers at Diamond Science at TRUE equipped this two-piece USSSA bat with the latest technology, giving your slugger the extra edge to put up more Ws on the board this season.

Bat Benefits
Discover the secret dynamism that gives successful power hitters the stroke through the zone with the revolutionary SmartPly technology in the bat handle. This is constructed with 25 individual layers of unidirectional carbon fiber. Not only will this improve the swing itself, it also manages ball contact, providing a stable, high performance connection that keeps the kinetic energy in the ball, not in the batter's hands. The Fused Hybrid technology, which connects the barrel to the handle, optimizes strength and performance. This provides a large sweet spot on the 2-3/4" aluminium barrel. And, at a -8 drop weight, your slugger can utilize that off-season strength training to really put some muscle behind those swings.

TRUE offers a 1-year limited warranty on all of its non-wood bats.

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