TRUE 2020 T2X USSSA (-10)



TRUE T2X -10 USSSA Baesball Bat: UT-T2X-20-10
Power hitters, take note: the T2X USSSA baseball bat from TRUE is designed with sluggers in mind, so you can drive the ball long and far to the outfield.

Bat Benefits
This T2X USSSA baseball bat features a 2-piece composite construction, which provides a solid combination of lightness and mass. Its extended barrel length offers a larger sweet spot over the 2-3/4" barrel diameter, and the 2x2 twill handle weave provides comfort and a great grip for more control at the plate. It has revolutionary SmartPly technology, which features 25 layers of unidirectional carbon fiber for excellent lightness, balance and improved strength when the bat meets the ball.

TRUE offers a 1-year limited warranty on all of its non-wood bats.

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