TRUE 2020 T2 USA (-5)



TRUE T2 -5 USA Baseball Bat: YB-T2-20-5
Whether you're a developing hitter hoping to gain power or an advanced slugger looking for a versatile twig, this TRUE Diamond Science T2 USA Baseball bat is worth a look. Crafted with an advanced two-piece design, this bat offers an understated black and white colorway that's sure to outlast passing trends. With an extended, 2-5/8" barrel and compact handle, this bat is optimized for long ball hitters who need an oversized sweet spot and quick turning speeds.

Bat Benefits
Available in half sizes from 31-inches/26 to 33-inches/28, this model TRUE T2 offers a burly -5 drop weight that's ideal for strong batters and those looking to take another step in their game. The barrel is made from tough aluminum alloy and joined with the composite handle using TRUE's proprietary Fused Hybrid Technology. This seamless joint system helps reduce vibrations on contact while also decreasing drag for improved swing speeds.

This fast turning bat also benefits from TRUE's SmartPly composite construction in the handle. As many as 25 layers of unidirectional carbon fiber are layered together in single handle creating an ultra-durable and responsive foundation for this bat. The tough, lightweight and compact handle help turn the extended barrel more quickly and helps accentuate this bat's launch and carrying characteristics.

TRUE covers this and all its aluminum and composite bats with a one-year limited warranty. This warranty covers any defects in workmanship or materials as well as some damages that may arise with routine on-field use like cracks, broken knobs and end caps or severe structural dents. A one-time repair or replacement may be issued at TRUE's discretion for qualifying bats.

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