Rawlins R9 12.5" Glove FP


SKU: R9SB125-18DB

A glove that allows you to play 7 out of the 9 positions is perfect for a utility player that is skilled at every position. That’s what you get with the brand new Rawlings R9 Series 12.5” Softball Glove. This Rawlings Softball Glove is a finger shift model which does a few things: two fingers will go in a pinky slot; the glove will close much easier and will form a nice deep pocket. The Finger Shift is very popular among professional softball players and is only getting more popular at all levels of softball.

- 12.5” Softball Utility Glove

- Finger Shift Model: Easier to close- Two fingers in the pinky slot

- Basket Web: Forms a nice deep pocket, U/C Shape Glove

- Full Grain Leather

- Palm Padding – for impact protection

- Pull Strap allows for custom fitting feel

- Easy and Quick Break in

- 80% Factory 20% Player Break In

- Rawlings R9 Finger Shift Softball Glove

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