Rawlings Sandlot 12 inch BB Pitcher Glove


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he Rawlings Sandlot S1200B 12 inch Baseball Pitchers Glove is a pitcher friendly glove that puts a classic spin on the glove and lets you play traditionally. This is because of the leather that Rawlings uses on this great glove. When players think of the old days, they see how simple game was. So, they attempt to reenact this when they are using the glove. This will result players relaxing when playing which will result in better performance. They will not feel stress to do well, so they will simply just play. This is when players play their best. This is all because of the full-grain oiled shell leather which also makes the glove durable. Besides just feeling like you re in the old days, there are other features that make this glove special. There is the Zero Shock palm pad that truly gives your hand protection from bad catches and hard throws. This allows players to be aggressive out on the field. This is especially helpful for pitchers. Being an aggressive pitcher can help you get in the heads of batters which will astronomically help you out. The basket web that this glove features also makes it perfect for pitchers. Batters will not be able to see what your pitch grip is, so they will stay guessing. The padded finger back will also leave you comfortable on the mound ready to take on any hitter.

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