Rawlings Sandlot 11.75 BB TRAP


SKU: S1175MT

The Rawlings Sandlot S1175MT 11.75 Inch Infield Baseball Glove gives a sleek design for infielders with its modified trap-eze web that is popular style in baseball today. So, now that you ll have a popular looking glove, it s time to find out why this glove is a great option for any player. All of the features that Rawlings puts into its products allow players to play their best out on the diamond. One of these features is the full-grain oiled shell leather. This leather is different in comparison to most gloves. But, this does t mean that it is bad leather. Actually, it is very durable leather that players will be able to use for many years. This leather is not only great for game play. It also looks fantastic. It gives a vintage look to the glove for players to get into the groove of playing like the old days when the important things were having fun and not all about trying to be a great recruit for colleges. Other great features for comfort and protection are the Zero Shock palm pad and the padded finger back. Another great feature about this glove is that is that it is extremely easy to break in. It comes ninety percent broken in. Because of this, all you have to do is shape the glove to your needs.

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