Rawlings Sandlot 11.5 BB WEB


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The Rawlings Sandlot S1150I 11.5 Inch Infield Baseball Glove is the perfect size glove for any infielder, bringing versatility to your style of play. Most middle infielders can play both positions, so having a glove that is fits both positions is key. This is what you get with this spectacular piece of equipment. This glove is also durable, so players can consistently use their glove game in and game out without worrying if it ll be useless after a short time. This is because of the leather Rawlings uses in this glove. The full-grain oiled shell leather gives this luxury to players. Another luxury the leather gives to players is that that the break-in period is extremely short. Ninety percent of the process happens in the factory. So, players just need to break it in to their specific hand and then it is game ready. Other features of this glove add to its usefulness to players everywhere. Its Zero Shock palm pad gives players a little extra protection for those balls you catch a little off. nobody s perfect, so having protection against a nuisance of the game is perfect. The padded finger back also gives players a little extra comfort for their glove. The Pro I web is the classic infielder design, so you ll have a traditional feel to your glove.

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