Louisville Slugger TPS 14" SPG: WTLPSRS1814 **LHT**

Louisville Slugger


  • 14.00 Inch Glove Size

  • Colorway: White / Red

  • Conventional Open Back

  • Dual Post Web

  • Top Shelf Leather Optimizes Performance & Longevity

  • Slow Pitch Softball Specific Pattern

  • Deep Pocket

  • Dual Cinch Strap Provides A Personalized, Snug Fit

  • Recommended For Outfielders & Infielders

  • Utility Pattern

  • Game Ready Feel On Day One



    Louisville Slugger slow pitch gloves are for serious players only! For the 2018 season, the TPS series was designed, tested, and assembled with maximum performance in mind. With a high-end, top shelf leather construction, these softball gloves arrive game ready on day one and do not require any sort of break-in period at all. Louisville Slugger realizes how beat up a glove can get after a long season which is why they have used high-quality leather laces to ensure better shape and pocket retention that is bound to hold up for many seasons to come. On the back of the wrist, they've also applied what's called a dual cinch strap which helps provide a personalized and snug fit for all players and all hand sizes. Louisville Slugger: Leave Your Mark! 

    This Louisville Slugger TPS Slow Pitch Softball Glove (WTLPSRS1814) features a massive 14.00-inch size, a dual post web, and a conventional open back that provides a premium, classic look. Due to the size and the web, this model is best utilized in the outfield but it may be used by infielders as well. Stick out in a good way and pick up one of these slow pitch softball gloves today.

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