Louisville Slugger Diva DVRF17115 FPG 10.5"

Louisville Slugger

SKU: DVRF17105

Every team is sure to have that softball player who may not have the diva attitude, but they certainly have the Diva style. The Louisville Slugger Diva DVRF17105 10.5 in Fastpitch Glove will really catch the attention of the other players in your league. It's really cool color and design makes this glove a stand out from the pack. It also has many features that make it a top of the line defensive tool for young fast pitch players. This specific model comes in a size of 10.5 iches and has a cool victory web design. This web design really fits the glove with its silver, black and hyper green color scheme. The Louisville Slugger Diva DVRF17105 also features a larger pocket than most fast pitch gloves. This makes it much easier to catch the ball. The glove is available in both a right hand throw and a left hand throw. The Louisville Slugger Diva WTKDVRF17105 is made out of full-leather which makes it a great choice for a female fast pitch player. With this material, the player will experience an extremely light weight glove. This will allow them to move their hand quicker than ever before. The Diva fast pitch glove is also made to be extremely durable. This way the glove has the ability to last you through multiple seasons. Another great thing about this glove is that it is soft and flexible. This allows for a quick and easy break in period. When you get the glove, it will already be pre-conditioned and comfortable enough to hi the field in no time. Louisville Slugger is an incredible knowledgeable source when it comes to producing both baseball and softball gloves. The experts at Louisville Slugger understand the type of equipment and gear that a player needs to feel good and look good on the field. The Louisville Slugger Diva 10.5 in Fastpitch Softball Glove will help you develop your skills and get you playing at the level you want. 

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