Infinitee Training/Batting Tee



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If you’re looking for a tool that frees up time during your team’s practices and allows your athletes to practice taking a consistent approach to pitches in all nine areas of the strike zone, Infinitee is the tool for you. Here are some of the infinite benefits of using Infinitee with your athletes:

  • Teach your baseball and softball players to cover an infinite number of hitting locations. 
  • The aluminum that makes up the Positioning Arm can withstand hard hits, so you don’t need to worry about damage.
  • The custom-made Infinitee Positioning Arm fits on a vast majority of tee brands, which means you only need our kit, not a new tee.
  • The movable Positioning Arm allows you to quickly and easily adjust the pitch location instead of moving the entire tee.
  • The Universal Home Plate addition is a full-scale addition, which allows your athletes to properly visualize pitch location when using Infinitee.
  • By allowing your athletes to endlessly practice hitting certain pitches, they can create a consistent, muscle-memory swing.
  • The portability and ease of assembly make Infinitee a must-have addition for any player or team. From Little League all the way up to Pro.
  • By training your athletes to have consistent swings across the entire plate, they can focus on picking up the location and spin of the ball in a live game.

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