Marucci Cat7 Connect BBCOR 2017


$262.50 $349.99
SKU: MCBCC7-31/28

Featuring a more responsive, optimized barrel design, the Cat 7 Connect offers the ultimate combination of weight and balance along with a sweet spot that's twice as large as any previous Marucci BBCOR bat. The SDX Barrel-to-Handle Connection Technology dismisses vibrations at contact and fuses a Carbon Composite Handle with an AZ4X Aluminum Alloy Barrel, the strongest alloy in the Marucci lineup. This Cat 7 Connect also features a ring-free barrel, which maximizes pop and performance right out of the wrapper. What's the difference between this Cat 7 Connect BBCOR and the Cat 6 BBCOR? The Cat 7 Connect has a hybrid two-piece design with a composite handle, while the Cat 6 is an all-aluminum, one-piece bat. Also, in addition to that, the Cat 7 Connect has a 2x bigger sweet spot for more lethal hitting surface! Get your Cat 7 Connect BBCOR Bat today, right here at! No Hassle Returns, Batisfaction Guaranteed!

2017 Cat 7 Connect BBCOR Bat Features: 

  • 2-Piece Bat Construction
  • AZ4X Aluminum Alloy Barrel
  • Carbon Composite Handle
  • SDX Barrel-to-Handle Connection Technology
  • Ring-Free Barrel Technology
  • Power-Balanced Barrel (Balanced Swing Weight)
  • 2x Bigger Sweetspot Compared to Cat 6 BBCOR
  • AV2 Anti-Vibration Tapered Knob
  • Micro-Perforated Soft-Touch Bat Grip
  • -3oz Length to Weight Ratio
  • 2 5/8" Barrel Diameter
  • BBCOR Certified (Legal for High School & NCAA)
  • One Year Manufacturer Warranty

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