Louisville OMAHA 517 BBCOR

Louisville Slugger

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Proven performance at the highest level is what makes the Omaha 517 one of the most tried and true models in baseball for over a decade. Still, the bat continues to evolve. This year, the Omaha 517 features an improved ST 7U1+ Alloy blend to help strengthen the metal and deliver an even more durable one-piece bat. The Omaha is more end-loaded than the Prime 917 and Solo 617 models, making hit perfect for power hitters and elite ballplayers at the travel and college level.

Product SKU(s) WTLBBO517329, WTLBBO517330, WTLBBO517331, WTLBBO517332, WTLBBO5173325, WTLBBO517333, WTLBBO517334
Barrel Diameter 2 5/8 Inches
Certification BBCOR
Barrel Material Aluminum
Weight Drop -3
Age Group 12 & Over

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