Louisville 918 Prime BBCOR 2018

Louisville Slugger

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The bat built for maximum speed, power and balance now packs an even greater punch with a larger sweet spot and unmatched feel at the plate. The new PRIME 917 features improved TRU3 Dynamic Socket Connection technology, allowing for necessary movement between the barrel and handle to maximize the barrel trampoline effect and eliminate negative vibration - giving you the best possible feel when you bring the bat through the zone. With a 3-piece construction, the PRIME 917 has a lighter swing weight to ensure maximum control and ultimate performance.

Product SKU(s) WTLBBP917331, WTLBBP917332, WTLBBP917333, WTLBBP917334
Barrel Diameter 2 5/8 Inches
Certification BBCOR
Barrel Material Composite
Model Year 2017
Weight Drop -3
Age Group 12 & Over

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