Demarini CF Zen 2019 USSSA-BB


SKU: WTDXCBZ 1929-19

The 2019 DeMarini® CF® Zen® USSSA Bat remains a favorite year after year for one simple reason, cutting-edge innovation and a dedication to performance players have come to love.

Player Driven Innovation:

  • Paraflex™ Composite Barrel: 22% stronger carbon fibers create a huge sweet spot and lower MOI
  • 3Fusion™ Handle is streamlined allows for greater weight control and improved feel
  • 3Fusion™ End Cap optimizes bat weight for enhanced performance
  • X-Lite Knob is ergonomically designed to perfectly fit players' hands

NOTICE: We recommend that you receive approval from your local league before removing the wrapper from your bat.
  • Brand: DeMarini
  • Style: WTDXCBZ18Z

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